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Riding Lessons

Once you have discovered what you are aiming for in your riding, then read as much as possible about it. A lot of riding does not automatically lead to good riding! There is no question of finally having learned everything, it is only possible to raise the level at which you ride! There is no question of teaching yourself the art of classical horsemanship - you need a trainer! There is no such thing as quick success as far as riding is concerned! It is a very long process!
("In Deference", p.21 &  p.27)

In the riding lessons we place particular emphasis on a correct position in the saddle, because controlled aids can only be applied from a calm, supple seat.  Furthermore we should like our pupils to learn what work is important for their horses and which exercises can improve the horses' physical constitution. Correct lateral movements, collecting work, but also free forward riding are components of our riding lessons and aim to form our pupils into riders who can gymnasticise their horses as independently as possible on the long term and therefore will certainly not do damage to their horses by means of incorrect riding.

We give riding lessons to the owners of horses we take on in training, but riders can also come with their horses for a weekend or longer in order to take lessons. We have a small number of guest boxes available in which to accommodate such horses. If required, riding instruction can also be given in English or French.

Anyone who lives in the immediate vicinity is welcome to come with his horse just for a single lesson session. We do not own any school horses which we can make available for such purposes.


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